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Humanitarian Aid

TELEPHONE: (246) 2651471                        (246) 2651741

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Respond Charity Registration

Number : 1037


RESPOND - Preparing For Disaster

We're All in This Together!

(c) Respond 2014

By combining our efforts RESPOND believes that we will be stronger and in a better situation to deal with natural disasters. Building confidence and resources as we progress. People in the Caribbean are still at the mercy of the international Rescue Teams.




'We cannot carry on leaving our mothers, children and the elderly to fend for themselves while assessments are carried out to determine who should eat or drink!'

'We as a people, as a group of nations are under threat. Change is needed now !'

`Help where help is needed. Your donation can help provide money which is desperately needed to

re build peoples lives.'


Help to stop scenes like this from happening

time and again. Your domation will make a

huge difference to people lives, giving them a

new beginning.

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The Charity's main aim is to save lives, the over-all aims are to provide clean drinking water, food to provide baby products and hygiene packs for women and a Tailored service for the Elderly and possible Evacuation to shelters. This in only possible by you taking up the phone and placing your donation now.


The photos demonstrate the reality, the aftermath of a Disaster and show the need to have on the- spot care and assistance .The Elderly are confused and Mothers with small Children are wondering who is going to help them, disabled people will be thinking the same... RESPOND will not let them down...

By making a donation to the charity - you have given the charity the mandate to act on your behalf, who are going to look after the people most in need when faced with disaster. W'ere 100% Bajan, Create the change!





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Hygene Packs for women - Items such as sanitary towels, soaps, toothpaste and toilet paper

This will help us to buy baby powder milk, nappies, baby oil etc...

Will buy Pamper, adult Pampers, Medication related items, Bandges and Plasters etc...

Preparing foods, Special dietary needs for the elderly and disabled people. Mobility equipment and Transport

Enhanced Medication and care for our mothers and children with special needs with a taylored service for the elderly and disabled. This is possible with your donation.

Your donation will help us to maintain and substain our food provision program, with healthy nuritious meals for the elderly and children.

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`We are all in this together!'

RESPOND ~ We Know no boundaries

This photo displays areas which are breeding grounds for diseaes such as Yellow fever and Cholera - Your donation can help us improve these conditions.


Respond Charity Registration Number : 1037

CLICK ON ONE OF THE LINKS ABOVE TO MAKE A DONATION VIA CREDIT  CARD  OR PAYPAL. Alternatively you can send a payment via paypal to

[email protected]  All Cheques Payable to RESPOND Humanitarian Aid